Beaublends Affliate Program

We're looking for partners who can help us spread the good news about our products! 
Each qualified Beaufiliate gets to choose 5 products from our growing product portfolio and access to new releases every month. All we require is atleast 1 social media or blog post every month that's related to our brand - no guidelines, no specifications. You're free to post your honest thoughts & follow your own branding guidelines.
As a Beaufiliate, you get a personalized coupon code which benefits you and the user. Users of the code receives 10% discount while you receive 10% of the total product sale. Remittance will be scheduled monthly and reports will be provided via email upon remittance. Discount codes may be used on Shopee or on our official website.
Lastly, we're not requiring exclusivity so you may still post about other brands. You may also sign-out anytime but of course, we'll do the best that we can to give you the best Beaufiliate experience :)
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For more info / questions, email